Promentum Consulting

Uniconta as a basis

Uniconta, designed by the visionary brain of Erik Damgaard, is often the solid foundation of our projects. This masterpiece is designed with the idea that each company is unique and has its own business processes. While Uniconta is central to our approach, we also recognize that some companies have specific needs beyond core functionalities. Therefore, we expand Uniconta with state-of-the-art applications and add-ons depending on our customers' specific needs. With our expertise in the latest software technologies, we ensure that each implementation and expansion exceeds the current industry standard.

Mission & Vision

At Promentum, we strive to deliver superior services and solutions with the goal of creating value for our clients and providing an inspiring work environment for our team. Our core mission is to build lasting relationships with clients based on trust, quality and shared success, while fostering a culture of satisfaction and growth within our team. We are driven by the vision to become a leading company, recognized for our expertise, integrity and commitment. Our goal is not only to make a positive impact on our clients, but also to create an environment in which our staff can thrive. By embracing innovation and constantly striving to improve, we are committed to developing a company that excels in its field, with a strong focus on the satisfaction of both customers and employees.

Our philosophy

In summary, you can best describe us as "software hipsters." We do not believe in standard software for standard companies with standard employees selling products to standard customers, which are purchased from standard suppliers from standard countries. For that reason, we also implement systems that we can easily customize using parameters, no-code or low-code development.

A state-of-the-art ERP system that provides seamless operations and integrated solutions for the modern enterprise.


A Point-of-Sale solution that combines usability with modern functionality for an optimal customer experience.


A powerful warehouse management system that brings efficiency and accuracy to any warehouse process.


An advanced AI-driven model that calculates optimal inventory levels and distribution for accurate product control.

B2B Portals

Customized business platforms that connect businesses and facilitate seamless transactions and collaborations.

B2C Webshops

Customized online stores that bring brands and consumers closer together for an optimal shopping experience.

The team behind Promentum

At Promentum, our team is a dynamic collection of seasoned professionals, each with their own specialty and expertise. Our unique characteristic is that we operate without a traditional general manager. We have a flat organizational structure where team members fulfill multiple roles focused on different aspects of the business. This approach underlines our shared dedication and a hands-on mentality, where everyone is directly involved in the operational activities and projects at our clients.

Kees Brussen

Responsible for operational processes, Kees drives the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. His commitment ensures smooth daily operations and customer satisfaction.

Matthijs van der Meulen

With a keen eye on our financial health, Matthijs ensures that we remain financially strong and growing. He plays a crucial role in ensuring our financial stability and supports Promentum's sustainable growth.

Stefan van den Brink

Stefan is focused on discovering new business opportunities and expanding our business. His commitment to business development and growth helps us explore new markets and expand our presence.

Jan Rijkens

Jan is committed to our technological advancement and innovation. His leadership in development and engineering keeps us at the forefront of the industry with state-of-the-art solutions.

Our team of twelve is not only involved in various projects, but also has a rich history of successfully leading ICT projects and building and selling businesses. With this combined expertise and experience, we are passionate and determined to lead Promentum to new successes, while maintaining a close relationship with our clients and projects.