B2C web shops

A showcase to your consumer world

The world of e-commerce is vast and ever-evolving, and at Promentum we pride ourselves on our ability to introduce businesses to the wonders of the B2C marketplace. For several clients, we have opened the gateway to consumers through web shops, sometimes even for those who previously operated exclusively on a business basis. One of our latest projects was the fan shop for the Haas F1 team.

Difference between a B2C webshop and a B2B portal

While a B2B portal focuses on business customers and often has features for bulk ordering, price negotiation and personalized pricing arrangements, a B2C Web shop is focused on the end consumer. Here the emphasis is on a seamless user experience, inviting product displays and fast payment processes.

The Promentum approach

Independent of the platform, we can integrate seamlessly with any B2C webshop. Does your company not yet have an online store? Then we are happy to take on the challenge of designing, building and launching a webshop from scratch. Although our webshops are strong on their own, they excel especially when integrated with modern software systems, especially Uniconta.

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Uniconta & AI

The true power of our web shops lies in the combination of Uniconta and AI. With this, we create webshops that are not only functional, but also reflect the unique identity of your brand. With Promentum at your side, e-commerce becomes not only a powerful sales channel, but also a dynamic tool that learns in real-time and adapts to your consumers.

AI can detect which customer group is visiting your site and adjust product descriptions accordingly.

Tone of Voice

Depending on your target audience, AI can change the tone of the content, whether it's playful, formal or somewhere in between

Dynamic content

Based on a user's buying and browsing behavior, AI can recommend relevant products, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

B2C Webshops & Design

Promentum works with design firms such as WetNose who has created beautiful award winning designs for various clients.

Here are some examples of recent B2C web shops

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