Warehouse solutions for SMEs

BizBloqs is a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS) for companies of all sizes. The unique platform that BizBloqs is built on can be configured to provide a solution for any logistics challenge, regardless of company size or logistics process complexity.

Seamless scalability

Most companies have growth ambitions. However, it is sometimes difficult to predict the direction of development and how long the growth will continue. Both Uniconta and BizBloqs are designed for seamless scalability without impacting core operations, allowing you to adapt to your growth or even a temporary stalling. Most innovation initiatives can be immediately captured and supported by the system.

When our team connected with Uniconta, they found the collaboration to be a best practice of how we like to work with our partners. Their technical team worked perfectly with BizBloqs' technical team and ensured that our solutions worked absolutely smoothly together. Their commercial team showed great interest in really understanding BizBloqs' logistics solutions and wasted no time finding leads in their network. Partnerships like this are key to BizBloqs' continued growth and success, which is why we are very proud to announce that we are officially listed as an add-on in their online store. Using Uniconta makes it easier than ever to take your logistics to a whole new level!
Willem ten Asbroek, Owner of BizBloqs.

We supply a variety of scanners. The choice depends on several factors such as:

- Scan area
- Robustness
- IP rating and temperature
- Portability
- Wi-Fi coverage
- Camera
- Form factor
- Cost

scanner bizbloqs

The features

BizBloqs has implemented and optimized numerous features that are highly relevant to many industries. Here we have highlighted a few of them.

Reduce required time and transform your business with highly efficient digital processes.


Standardize work and let your WMS dictate warehouse processes and how your staff performs their jobs.

No waste

Avoid losing track of expiration dates, for example, by being aware of inventory.

Carrier integration

Optimize your shipping with a seamless link to one of 850 carriers of your choice.

ERP integration

Integrate BizBloqs with Uniconta and link your ordering system and financial system to your warehouse.

Online channel integration

Synchronize orders and inventory and track information between your online sales channels and your WMS.