Product Information Management

At Promentum, we understand that the digital world is constantly evolving and companies need flexible, powerful solutions to stay competitive and relevant. That's why we are proud to partner with DynamicWeb, a leading platform that integrates Product Information Management (PIM), eCommerce, Marketing and Content Management System (CMS). This partnership allows us to offer our clients a fully integrated suite of digital tools, perfectly tailored to the contemporary needs of B2B, B2C and D2C companies alike.

Versatile platform

DynamicWeb's versatile platform supports your business in creating a seamless, efficient and engaging digital experience. Whether you want to build a robust online store, efficiently manage your product data or maximize your marketing efforts, DynamicWeb provides the tools and flexibility you need to succeed.


At Promentum, as your trusted IT partner, we specialize in setting up, implementing and integrating DynamicWeb with your existing systems, including Uniconta, to provide a fluid, integrated experience that increases operational efficiency and opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation.

The platform

DynamicWeb is a powerful platform that integrates PIM, eCommerce, Marketing and CMS, ideal for an omnichannel B2B, B2C or D2C commerce experience. With DynamicWeb, you build your business the way you want. With DynamicWeb, you have a choice: implement PIM, eCommerce, CMS and Marketing as an integrated Commerce Suite or as individual top solutions

Promentum is a Dutch IT company specialized in building and managing websites and web shops. As a partner of DynamicWeb, Promentum can help implement and integrate with Uniconta.

DynamicWeb & Uniconta

Promentum's standard integration of DynamicWeb with Uniconta leads to accelerated, risk-free implementations. This combination provides a synergy that streamlines your business processes and increases efficiency, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.


Swift, DynamicWeb's solution for fast, no/low-code deployment, is designed with modern, standard design templates based on best practices. This means you can go live faster with your website or web shop, without compromising on quality or functionality.


With DynamicWeb, your digital presence always stays current thanks to cloud-based autoscaling and versionless upgrades. This ensures that all customers benefit from the latest features and enhancements without the need for extensive upgrade projects.API


DynamicWeb's API-first approach means you can take advantage of a headless implementation, allowing efficient separation of front-end and back-end. This offers greater flexibility and control over how you set up and manage your digital services.

Case Study

Discover how Tricorp is successfully using the combination of DynamicWeb and Uniconta on their website, an excellent example of integration and efficiency in action: Tricorp Website.

For more information, we invite you to contact Promentum or visit DynamicWeb's website.