A module for every business process.

Uniconta is a modern Cloud ERP system, designed to easily integrate your ERP solution with any other solutions such as e.g. web shops or B2B portals. Also engaged Uniconta powerful tools such as for example "No-code-development" functions that allow the user to create fields, tables, screens, menus and reports and BI overviews himself. Uniconta is quickly implementable, scalable, intuitive and at an affordable price. Check out the Uniconta youtube channel for more information:

Not standard

At Uniconta , we do not believe that a company should adapt to software. After all, there is no standard company whose standard employees provide standard products or standard services to standard customers in standard countries on standard terms. If there were, then any standard student from any standard university could compete with your standard company tomorrow. Uniconta is therefore adaptable. There is free choice with which applications, web shops or portals can be linked. You can customize Uniconta yourself through no-code and low-code development functionality.

Uniconta Reseller

Promentum Netherlands is one of the Uniconta resellers in the Netherlands. What makes us different from the others? We are the only ones with a focus on Uniconta! We do not advise or implement any other Erp systems. Simply because Uniconta is currently the best system in the world, so why would we want to sell anything else? This focus also makes us the largest and most important reseller in the Netherlands. Every company is welcome; our smallest customer is 1 user (freelancer), and our largest customer works with 70 users at the same time in Uniconta.

uniconta partner

Benefits for you?

Read our blog here about the many benefits of a hyper modern ERP system such as Uniconta.

The modules

Uniconta is cloud-based business software for all businesses of any size and has a module for every business process. Hiero an overview of the available Uniconta modules.

The financial module allows users to manage all financial aspects of their business.

Invoice Management

Invoice management allows you to process, match, scan and validate invoices received.

Procurement management

The procurement management module is used to manage quotes, orders and receipts.

Sales Management

The sales management module is used to execute and manage quotes, orders, pick lists, packing slips and invoicing.

Inventory Management

This module allows you to manage information about all your trade, service or compound items and inventory.


Expand your logistics functionality with additional features such as location management, track & tracing, etc.


With this module you can manage costs, hours, in and sales by project. Incl. free App for writing hours.


The production module allows you to manage composite items and production orders


The CRM module provides
functionality for managing your prospects and customers.

BI Tools

Uniconta comes with
a free BI tool. This allows you to make your data insightful.

Company information

The business module is used to manage general business information, employees and authorization.

We like to show the Uniconta functionality and the various integration with Uniconta and WooCommerce, for example.


- 20 euros per module

- Up to 8 users

- Free use of apps

- Free Report builder

- Free BI tools


- All module free

- As of 8 users

- Free use of apps

- Free Report builder

- Free BI tools

Additional Modules

- Add-ons

- Plugins

- Links



The plugins

Promentum consulting has developed some industry-specific plugins that we deploy as needed. A Uniconta plugin is an "add-on" that we have created in and based on Uniconta. We maintain the plugins ourselves so that when you upgrade you will not face any surprises.

Shipping module

Functionality that tracks data regarding shipments and containers.

Call-off orders

Functionality for managing so-called contract orders that are called on.

Order pick list

Functionality for creating and logging off warehouse order collection lists

EAN Generator

Functionality for creating your own EAN numbers

POS Screen

A POS screen in Uniconta for when a real POS system is too much to handle.


Functionality for tracking movements between warehouses.