Forecasting AI

Promentum Consulting is an authorized reseller of wair.ai, a progressive player in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Wair.ai has developed an inventory forecasting AI model which Promentum has integrated with Uniconta. The model helps calculate optimal stock per SKU per warehouse, stock ordering recommendations and stock (re)distribution

Exceptional forecast accuracy

Our forecasts accurately predict up to 96% of all SKU store sales (1 week). But in inventory management, it's the ROI that counts. We strive to find the optimal balance between over- and under-prediction, recognizing that no prediction is ever perfect.


With our forecasts sent directly to your ERP, there is no interference in your current processes. Experience higher responsiveness in replenishment, redistribution and channel reservation.

Fair play

Our predictions go hand in hand with smooth ERP integration. With minimal implementation costs and an almost plug-and-play setup, there is virtually no need for IT involvement. Our usage-based pricing makes our technology accessible to companies of all sizes, and best of all, there is no vendor lock-in.

Domain Knowledge

Without deep domain knowledge of the data and their business context, it is difficult to achieve breakthroughs. In the WAIR team, we have more than 100 years of retail experience, giving us a deep understanding of the retail industry.

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The Challenge
Shoeby was using a traditional replenishment system and found it hardly impossible to continuously optimize stock allocation manually across all stores and channels.

The Solution
Shoeby uses WAIR's AI Replenisher to make SKU-level sales predictions for the brand's 240 physical stores. Min/max stocking limits are automatically adjusted in the ERP based on trends in customer demand and sales performance.

The Results
- 4% increase in inventory turnover
- 2% reduction in end-stock
- 3% growth in total revenue
- Based on 30% replenishment stock

The Challenge
OFM was using a traditional replenishment system to keep the initial distribution intact without adapting stock levels based on demand.


The Solution
OFM transformed their stock management with WAIR's AI Replenisher, leveraging accurate sales forecasts and seamless ERP integration to strategically allocate stock, improve sell-through rates, and achieve significant growth.


The Results
Traditional vs. AI Replenisher
- Forecast accuracy: 66% vs. 95%
- Overprediction: 34% vs. 5%
- Underprediction: 0% vs. 0%Amount
- Amount increase of SKUs rightfully predicted: 299,000

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We are happy to demonstrate the Uniconta integration with WAIR.