HUUS Furniture

In our ongoing mission to support businesses in their digital transformation, we are pleased to have partnered with HUUS Furniture, a leading retailer of stylish and affordable furniture. HUUS is known for their extensive range that customers can explore at, where quality and design go hand in hand.

The challenge at HUUS was to harmonize their diverse system landscape, which consisted of Exact for financial accounting, Vendit for store sales and POS system, and Katana for Product Information Management (PIM), in addition to several web shops and portals. These systems were previously not integrated with each other, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of synergy between the various business processes.

Our approach at Promentum Consulting was phased and targeted. In phase 1, we replaced Exact and Katana with Uniconta, an advanced ERP system that integrates seamlessly with HUUS' new web shop, scheduled to go live in 2024. Thanks to the existing standard integration between Uniconta and Bizbloqs, the WMS system already used by HUUS, we were able to quickly make this integration operational. This step laid a solid foundation for streamlined and efficient operations.

Following the successful implementation of phase 1, we will continue to replace Vendit with Uniconta. This will not only further optimize in-store sales processes, but also ensure a unified experience across all sales channels. The transition to Uniconta as the central system for financial accounting, PIM, and as the core of retail operations, marks a significant step forward in HUUS' digital transformation.

At Promentum Consulting , we are proud of our role in supporting HUUS Furniture in realizing their digital ambitions. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership and further optimizing their business processes and systems.


At Promentum Consulting , we pride ourselves on working with leading companies that challenge and raise market standards. A shining example of this is our client Tricorp BV, the renowned specialist in high quality workwear and fanwear. With a wide range available on their website, Tricorp offers quality workwear to resellers, in addition to their unique fanwear collection available at

The challenge was in replacing Tricorp's old system, Microsoft AX2012, with a more advanced and flexible solution. Our team at Promentum Consulting successfully implemented Uniconta , an ERP system that integrates seamlessly with their Dynamicweb reseller page and one of their B2C websites. These direct API integrations have significantly streamlined Tricorp's business processes, allowing them to more efficiently manage their online sales channels.

We also implemented Bizzbloqs as a Warehouse Management System (WMS) in Tricorp's warehouse, and created links with other logistics service providers. These integrations provide a powerful synergy between inventory management and logistics, essential for supporting both their B2B wholesale business and B2C sales.

Tricorp successfully went live with Uniconta in January 2023 for their B2B wholesale business and in June 2022 for their B2C business. The successful implementation of these systems marks a milestone in Tricorp's digital transformation, enabling them to optimize their operations and strengthen their market position.

At Promentum Consulting , we are honored to have played a role in Tricorp's transformation and look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership.


In the heart of Veenendaal we find 4Divers, a dynamic company dedicated to diving. With a wide range of services including rental and sales of diving equipment, repair services and dive training, 4Divers is known as a one-stop-shop for diving enthusiasts. Their passion and dedication to diving are evident on their website

For 4Divers, it was essential to have a robust and flexible system to support their unique business needs. With the final end of Mamut Business Software on Aug. 31, 2023, as announced on Visma's website, 4Divers faced the challenge of finding a suitable alternative that could not only continue but also optimize their business operations.

Promentum Consulting addressed this challenge by introducing Uniconta as the new ERP system for 4Divers. Uniconta, chosen as the ideal alternative to Mamut Business Software, offered the flexibility and functionality 4Divers needed to seamlessly manage their business processes. One crucial customization we achieved was the ability to automatically read in various purchase prices. This ensures that 4Divers is always working with the most up-to-date prices, an essential advantage in the dynamic diving equipment market.

The transition to Uniconta marks a new phase for 4Divers, where they benefit from improved efficiency and precision in their operations. By implementing Uniconta , they can confidently focus on what they do best: providing divers with the quality and service they expect and deserve.

At Promentum Consulting , we are proud of the successful migration and implementation of Uniconta for 4Divers. We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting 4Divers in their mission to serve the diving community.

Advanced Ebike

Advanced Ebike is known for their pioneering role in the e-bike industry, founding EBIKE DAS ORIGINAL in 2011 as the first German manufacturer of handmade premium e-bikes. Their mission goes beyond simply providing an alternative to mobility; they strive to move people, inspire and encourage them to explore new routes. All with a focus on sustainability and the goal of becoming the first climate-neutral e-bike brand by 2025. Their vision of circularity and offering innovative products for micromobility led to a name change to ADVANCED EBIKE in 2021, a name that better reflects their dedication and vision.

An understanding of the need for an integrated and efficient business management system led the owners of Advanced Ebike to Promentum Consulting early after its founding. We implemented Uniconta , a decision that stemmed not only from the need for an accounting system but also from the vision to streamline and optimize their business processes. Immediately after going live at Uniconta , we set up and linked a B2B portal that allowed dealers to easily place their orders online.

This innovative combination of Uniconta and the B2B portal has provided Advanced Ebike with significant efficiency benefits. It allows them to simplify their business processes, increase dealer satisfaction and focus on their core mission: inspiring and motivating people through their unique e-bikes.

At Promentum Consulting , we are proud of our contribution to the success of Advanced Ebike. We are honored by the opportunity to partner with a company with such a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and changing mobility behavior. We look forward to continuing this partnership and supporting Advanced Ebike in their pursuit of a more sustainable and inspired world.


Fairplaza is at the center of the world of home and living products with a heart for sustainability and fair trade. Located in Culemborg, this buying center offers a unique combination of diversity and quality, driven by the cooperation between different exhibitors. Each exhibitor brings its own specialty and strength, resulting in a rich and distinctive assortment that is not only fair trade, but also tells a story. These stories, hidden behind each product, make the items offered unique and contribute to a distinctive shopping experience.

Fairplaza's strength is further enhanced by the advanced technology solutions provided by Promentum Consulting. We provided Fairplaza with Uniconta, a flexible and powerful ERP system that is seamlessly integrated with both their B2B portal and POS system. This integration allows Fairplaza to efficiently manage their business processes, from inventory management to financial administration and customer relationship management.

The implementation of Uniconta at Fairplaza has added a new dimension to their operations, allowing them to pursue their mission with even greater satisfaction: to offer products that are not only beautiful and useful but also have a positive impact on the world. Technology support from Promentum Consulting allows Fairplaza to focus on what really matters: promoting fair trade and sustainability in the home and living sector.

At Promentum Consulting , we are proud to be part of Fairplaza's success story. Supporting an organization that values sustainability and ethical business practices so much is an honor, and we look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership.

Globos Europe

Globos Europe, a prominent B2B wholesaler specializing in party supplies, is known for their extensive range of balloons, balloon accessories and related party items. Since its inception in January 2014, Globos Europe has successfully positioned itself in the distribution of party supplies, driven by the owners who each bring over 25 years of experience in the European party market. Their in-depth knowledge and passion for the industry are evident in their carefully curated offerings, available through,, their own website, and major platforms such as

As one of the first customers at Uniconta, Globos Europe leveraged their Danish connection - probably due to the Danish owner - to lead the way in technology integration within their industry. The implementation of Uniconta as their ERP system by Promentum Consulting has revolutionized how Globos Europe manages their operations, from order processing to inventory management.

The seamless interfacing of Uniconta with various B2C web shops and B2B portals, as well as major platforms such as, enables Globos Europe to efficiently handle all orders. This system not only provides a streamlined order processing workflow, but also delivers crucial insights into inventory levels, enabling Globos Europe to manage their inventory in an optimal way. In addition, Uniconta supports the company with advanced ordering recommendations, improving purchasing decision making.

The collaboration between Globos Europe and Promentum Consulting underlines the importance of an integrated ERP system that can grow with the needs of a dynamic and growing company. The successful implementation of Uniconta at Globos Europe is a clear example of how technological innovation can contribute to operational efficiency and a competitive advantage in the market.

At Promentum Consulting , we are proud to be part of Globos Europe's success. We appreciate the opportunity to support a company that has a significant impact on the party industry, and we look forward to continuing our partnership focused on fostering growth and further optimizing business processes.

State of Football

State of Football, a renowned player in the soccer merchandising industry, has experienced significant growth and transformation, thanks in part to the implementation of Uniconta by Promentum Consulting. As a company that specializes in offering a wide range of football-related products and services, State of Football faced the challenge of streamlining their business processes and maximizing their growth potential.

The journey to optimization began with the recognition that State of Football's existing system did not meet the demands of a rapidly growing company. The choice of Uniconta was based on the need for a flexible, scalable solution that could grow with the company. The implementation of Uniconta by Promentum Consulting has revolutionized the way State of Football approaches their business operations, from inventory management to financial administration to customer service.

One of the key factors in this successful transformation was the integration of Uniconta with existing systems, enabling a seamless flow of information and more efficient handling of daily operations. These technological advances enabled State of Football to improve their customer service, optimize their inventory management and ultimately increase sales.

The partnership with Promentum Consulting has led not only to improved operational efficiency, but also to a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within State of Football. Uniconta has enabled the company to strengthen its position in the market and provide a solid foundation for future growth and expansion.

At Promentum Consulting , we are proud to contribute to State of Football's success story. We are committed to delivering solutions that not only meet our customers' current needs but also support their growth over the long term. The success of State of Football validates our mission to empower businesses through technology and innovation.