How Uniconta's Evergreen principle future-proofs businesses

In a world where technological advances are the order of the day, keeping up with the latest features and technologies poses a significant challenge for companies that rely on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Uniconta distinguishes itself in this regard through its unique "evergreen principle," which allows users to always have access to the latest features and technologies without the typical headache of updates. This principle, combined with flexible customization options, makes Uniconta a forerunner in the ERP market.

The challenge of updates in traditional ERP systems

Updates in traditional ERP systems can often lead to conflicts with customizations, interfaces, or even basic reporting, presenting companies with a difficult dilemma. Some systems restrict customization to avoid such conflicts, while others allow it but at great cost and effort to adapt to each new update. This creates a "technology debt" where companies fall behind on the latest features and enhancements.

Uniconta's approach: the Evergreen principle

Uniconta addresses this challenge in a revolutionary way by enabling companies to always stay up-to-date with minimal effort and cost. The recent update to the Uniconta Upload App and the upcoming release of Uniconta version 92 are just a few examples of how the company is committed to continuous innovation and improvement.

The evergreen principle of Uniconta recognizes that no two companies - or their processes, products, services and customers - are ever completely standard. Therefore, the need to be able to customize the system is not just a luxury but a necessity. Uniconta offers three unique ways for users and partners to customize the system to their liking:

No-code Development: Allows users to independently customize fields, tables, reports, and more without any programming knowledge.

Low-code Development: Through the Business Rule Manager, users can create business rules with simple "if this then that" logic.

High Coding: For more complex integrations and plugins, Uniconta provides options for developers to add deeper customizations and functionality. Commonly used by partners to create API integrations with other applications or to create plugins that extend the functionality of Uniconta . As an example, see our plugin overview: -plugins/

Upgrading without a headache

What sets Uniconta apart is that regardless of customizations made by users or integrations developed by partners, the upgrade process remains surprisingly simple. Users need only log out, download a new client and log back in. This significantly minimizes "technology debt" and ensures that customers continually benefit from the latest enhancements without additional cost or effort.


The evergreen principle of Uniconta represents a new era in ERP systems, where adaptability and future-proofing go hand in hand. By combining innovative customization capabilities with a seamless upgrade process, Uniconta enables companies to grow and evolve without being limited by their ERP system. This makes Uniconta not just a tool for today, but an investment in your company's future.