opts for growth and innovation with Uniconta and Promentum-Consulting

We are proud to announce that, a leading company in the home and lifestyle sector, has taken an important step in their pursuit of innovation and business growth. has chosen Uniconta as their new ERP system and has Promentum Consulting selected as their implementation and consulting partner, thanks in part to their impressive track record and deep industry expertise in wholesale and retail.

Uniconta: The Heart of Digital Transformation

Uniconta is a state-of-the-art ERP system that stands out with extensive functionality through integrated modules. These modules support all core business processes and provide seamless, integrated business operations. A crucial factor in choosing Uniconta was its unlimited and high-quality communication capabilities with other applications via .NET API or oData, which allows to leave behind the limitations of their previous accounting software. For more information about Uniconta , please visit our Uniconta page or at

Promentum Consulting: Expertise that Counts

Promentum Consulting, known for their extensive experience and knowledge in wholesale and retail, will play a key role in integrating Uniconta within The choice of Promentum as a partner is based in part on their proven ability to deliver customized solutions that perfectly meet the specific needs of customers in these industries. Visit for more information about their services and expertise.

Flexibility and Innovation with Uniconta

Uniconta's non-coding functionalities allow users to make their own modifications to fields, tables, forms, documents, and more. In addition,'s various Uniconta plugins from Promentum Consulting such as the "Business Rule Manager" to apply complex business rules in a simple "if this then that" format, without requiring programming knowledge. This significantly increases the flexibility and adaptability of the system.

Future-oriented Operations

The partnership with Promentum Consulting also opens the doors to a wealth of plugins and standard integrations with other applications, which will be crucial for integration with the WMS and the new webshop of This will allow to offer its customers self-service options, easing pressure on customer service and creating additional room for business growth. In time, the possibility of replacing's current POS solution with a modern POS system, as part of ongoing efforts to automate and optimize business processes.

With Uniconta as a powerful and flexible ERP system and Promentum Consulting as an experienced and knowledgeable partner, is excellently positioned to transform their operations and be ready for the future. We enthusiastically look forward to the positive changes and growth this partnership will bring to