Ensuring success: The benefits of an agile implementation methodology

When companies consider implementing an ERP system such as Uniconta , they face numerous challenges, especially when it comes to larger projects with complex requirements. Promentum-Consulting understands that these challenges should not be underestimated and uses an effective Agile implementation methodology, Kanban, to tackle larger projects involving customization, implementation of multiple systems and integration with multiple systems. In this blog, we discuss the benefits of using Kanban for such complex Uniconta implementations.

The benefits of Agile implementation for larger projects:

Flexibility and Adaptability: Larger projects are often more sensitive to changing requirements and priorities. The flexibility and adaptability offered by Agile methodologies, such as Kanban, are invaluable in situations where customization and complexity prevail. Promentum-Consulting applies this flexibility to make adjustments quickly and efficiently.

Continuous Improvement: Larger projects require a careful approach and continuous evaluation. Promentum-Consulting emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement in Uniconta-implementation projects. Kanban boards such as DevOps are used to track the progress of these complex projects and identify bottlenecks, leading to continuous adjustments to refine the project.

Specific advantages of kanban in more complex implementations:

Visualization of Workflows: For more complex projects with customization and integration of multiple systems, a clear visual representation of workflows is invaluable. Kanban boards help visualize these complicated processes, giving team members a better understanding of the complexity of the project.

Limited Work in Progress (WIP): Kanban allows team members to limit the number of concurrent tasks, which is crucial for larger projects. By setting WIP limits, Promentum-Consulting prevents overload and ensures a structured approach to Uniconta implementations, even in the most complex situations.

Benefits of Kanban in Uniconta implementations:

Risk management: Larger Uniconta-implementation projects with customization and integration with multiple systems involve significant risks. Promentum Consulting applies Kanban to manage these risks through regular inspection and adjustment of project execution.

Customer engagement: In larger projects, customer engagement is often crucial. Promentum-Consulting emphasizes the importance of engaging clients throughout the project and incorporating their feedback. This helps tailor the Uniconta system to the specific needs and expectations of the client.


Larger Uniconta-implementation projects involving customization, implementation of multiple systems and integration with multiple systems are complex challenges. Promentum Consulting uses Kanban and an Agile approach to address these challenges and ensure successful implementation. When planning your own UNiconta implementation project for larger and more complex requirements, it is worth considering how Kanban and Agile methodologies can contribute to the success of your project.

Promentum-Consulting specializes in assisting companies with complex implementations of ERP systems such as Uniconta, with a focus on larger and more complex projects. By applying Agile methodologies such as Kanban, we can effectively manage customization and integration with multiple systems, resulting in successful implementations.

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